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Author of "A Year With Symfony"

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A Year With Symfony

In 2013 I published my first book. It's a guide for intermediate to advanced Symfony2 developers, offering insights in Symfony internals and providing many ways to improve project structure, security and reusability.

Enjoyed reading your book - should be mandatory reading for any Symfony developer.
— Tony Piper (@tonypiper)

An excellent job, good sir. Your blog posts and now your book are really showing us the way to be better developers.
— Damon Jones (@damon__jones)


Since 2011 I've been regularly writing articles about PHP and Symfony2 for my blog:

The blog of Matthias Noback about Symfony has really good content, check it out
— Pablo Godel (@pgodel)

Once again, your blog is incredibly helpful...
— Adrien Brault (@AdrienBrault)

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